I Am a Special Snowflake

I am what some call a ‘special snowflake’ (a derogatory term people like the use for those who care about social issues) and I’ve been called a social justice warrior.  Online, I’ve been referred to as bitch, whore, cunt, moron, stupid, trash, and a liar.  Men have told me that if I would just read the Constitution once I might learn something about politics (fyi, that’s all I read about).  People have said that I don’t deserve my kids because someone like me (ie with my politics) doesn’t deserve children.  I’ve seen people say that I must just be a miserable person because I care about sexism.  I’ve been called a liberal as an insult.  People have said they don’t want to ‘trigger’ me, which really means they don’t want to listen to me give an impassioned opinion.  I’ve gotten rape threats.  I’ve gotten death threats.  It’s part of life for me, and I’m white so I avoid racial insults.  I can’t imagine how much harder it would be if I were a woman of color.

Meanwhile, Bo Bice was in a Popeye’s and a woman behind the counter said that an order was for “that white boy.”  He was on television in tears describing how much it hurt his feelings.  I’m sure it was traumatic for him, but he got his food.  No one threatened his life or his safety, they just used his skin color to describe him. (Also, he once wrote a song called ‘Brown Skin Girl’ leading one to assume that describing someone by their skin color is something he’s comfortable doing to others.)  Our President-Elect gets called a mean name by Meryl Streep and goes on a Twitter rampage because someone was mean to him.  She didn’t call him a rapist or un-American.  She pointed out that he mocked someone for their disability.  She pointed out the truth and he went after her.  Mike Huckabee seems to think that gay people are oppressing him by existing, although I’m still not sure why.  Gay marriage is going to ruin straight marriage…somehow.  Trans-people in the bathroom that corresponds to the gender they identify with are horribly dangerous and must be stopped.  It seems to go on and on – different ways in which people seem to be threatened by truth and others just trying to get through the day to day.  There are an awful lot of people lately who are feeling threatened by the reality of equality.

How is it, then, that I’m called the snowflake and yet I, and people like me, keep voluntarily walking into the storm over and over.  I know what I’m in for.  I know I’m going to be made fun of and harassed and I weigh that against how important the fight is.  Call me a snowflake.  Call me weak or a SJW.  Call me a liberal.  I own every single one of those nicknames, proudly.  I believe that everyone deserves a fair shot and help when they need it.  I don’t think the country should waste money on drug-tests for welfare, because it’s not fiscally responsible not because I just want all junkies having food stamps (although I don’t care if we feed people who are high – they need food too).  I believe that people are inherently good and sometimes just need a boost in life.  Liberal doesn’t mean weak.  It doesn’t mean too fragile to function.  It’s just a way of looking at the world and how people in it should be treated.

So, I’m taking it back.  I’m taking back special snowflake.  Yes, I am.  I am one of millions and millions of snowflakes.  We’re making a storm and we’re going to blanket the country.  If you’ve ever been in a lake effect storm, you know the damage they can do.  They can shut everything down in the blink of an eye.  I am a Social Justice Warrior.  I believe that racism and sexism and Islamophobia and xenophobia and homophobia are a shitty way to look at others and should be defeated.  I don’t think it’s going to happen in a day or a year or a decade, but warriors understand that it’s a long fight and that they will prevail.  They do not curl up into a ball and give up.  They fight until the bitter end.  That’s what I’m here for.  That’s what my fellow SJW’s are here for.  We understand the length and magnitude of the battle and are ready for the fight.

I am a special snowflake.  I am part of the storm.  Watch us rage.


3 thoughts on “I Am a Special Snowflake

  1. most things can be explained with the assumption that 90% of people are full of crap– at least sometimes. i certainly dont have to tell you thats a pretty big percentage. double standards, the world is full of them. personally i think we are better getting rid of double standards, rather than trying to balance them out so there are equal numbers, but twice as many.

    it does matter what you know about the constitution, but it matters more what you do with that knowledge. is your “justice” really intersectional and all inclusive, or does it assume that balance will come from moving injustices around? i used to be an sjw– now im just sort of libertarian…ish. they dont mix very much, but im sure someones managed it somehow 🙂


  2. Can I totally rage with you!? I’ve been doing this #52essays2017 challenge too and so far I haven’t read a political essay yet. I have a friend who gets impassioned about these things too (not that I don’t, but I’m a tight-lipped soul) and I don’t see the point arguing with idiots – cuz if someone can’t understand simple equality and needs to justify or taunt others in order to keep their view point and not be “threatened” or “offended” it is sad. Truly. The world is a fragile concept and morality is subjected by those in power or religion and those who speak up because things are changing and people are still being oppressed get called Snowflakes I guess (never heard the term before honestly – but then snow doesn’t fall in Jamaica).

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